Brother XR9500PRW Review – Is it a Heavyduty or Programmable Machine?

Basically, it is not right to call Brother XR9500PRW a heavy duty sewing machine. Even though it can perform several sewing tasks and do it well, the machine still doesn’t have the toughness of traditional, all-steel machines. Well, those days are gone.

But it is not right to judge a book by its cover. Brother XR9500PRW can do almost all sewing tasks. This machine can sew faux leather, fax suede and even several layers of quilts. Well, it doesn’t work on heavy duty fabrics like leather as it is not an industrial-grade machine.

Is it Programmable?

You can program it to an extent. For example, it can stitch the whole word if you have specific words to sew but you shouldn’t sew each letter separately. It can automatically reinforce the stitch after each letter. It gives finished and good looking stitch.


Brother XR9500PRW review video gives a clear picture of its warranty. It is a reasonably priced machine which comes with 25 years of limited warranty. It works well just after coming out of the box.

What Kind of Fabrics can this Sewing Machine handle?

Brother XR9500PRW can handle various fabrics. If you have a thicker fabric, make sure to check the instructions. Make sure to go with a proper needle for the fabric. According to most users, sewing on thicker fabrics causes no problem at all as they take their time. Well, it is not a commercial sewing machine. Don’t push it to its limit. It is the case with all brands you look for in same price range.

In most cases it can handle denim. It is sturdy enough to sew on denim and its patches. You can easily sew denim purses or shoulder bags. Well, thick hems may cause trouble. So, pick the right needle. You also cannot use it as serger. With overcast presser foot, you can have a stitch which looks much like serge stitch.


  • It is easy to set up, use and economical
  • Good for those who hate tinkering with machines. It is ready to sew exactly when it arrives at your doorsteps.
  • Features a ‘free arm’ to make sewing easier
  • Computerized stitch selection to make it extremely simple to switch from different stitches


  • Even though it has several thread cutters to save time, these are not automatic cutters.
  • Not suitable to sew thick fabrics
  • Throat area is not that large


With its easy functionality and over 100 stitch designs, Brother XR9500PRW is the computerized machine which can save a lot of time. It has a lot of convenience options. It is designed by the engineers who are experienced in sewing. So, they know what their customers like.