nutrients for the joints

How to get all the required nutrients for the joints?

Is there any minimum requirement limit of the body?

The answer to the question is a big Yes. Surely, there are minimum requirements of the body. If the body doesn’t get that much of nutrients then it will surely cause different diseases. You may face some complex problems in your body if it is not getting all the required nutrition from the food.

Nutrition of joints:

Joints are quite different than other parts of the body. There are multiple parts in joints. And one needs to supply all the required vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients to all the parts. The problem or complexity in one part is enough to completely cause a problem for the whole joint. And you won’t be able to move your joint completely in such case. In short, the proper and complete supply of nutrition to the joints must be made sure as it is essential for the total physical health of the body according the information provided by: 

How to fulfill the vitamins requirement of the joints?

Joints need a lot of vitamins to function properly. The vitamins are normally supplied completely by the food. They are supplied with the food if you are having a variety of items in your daily diet. If the daily diet has not a good variety, then in such case supplements can be taken to fulfill the need of vitamins. There are capsules available having different vitamin content to fulfill the need for vitamins. But still, there are some special supplements available which are quite beneficial to the joint:

  • Vitamin D
  • Chondroitin
  • Glucosamine
  • Calcium
  • Fish oil

Let’s discuss some of them:

Vitamin D:

One of the most common problems observed in the joints is the pain in them. Many people reported about having painful joints. The pain can be due to many reasons. But one of the most prominent reasons for painful joints is the deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D has many other roles in our body too. It is needed by the joints too. Deficiency of it causes pain in joints because it is used by the body in absorbing the calcium too. There are good sources of vitamin D available. The best source is milk. Our skin also makes it with the help of sunlight.


It is one of those nutrients which are required by the joint to repair the wear and tear. Due to a lot of movements in the joint, little bit of friction is there to cause damages to the cartilage and other parts in it. Chondroitin is used by the body to repair the damages, especially on cartilages.


One of the most known nutrients is calcium. Calcium is required by the body for bones and teeth. There are several other important uses of it too in our body. It is also needed by the joints. The purpose of this nutrient in joints is to reduce the pain. It can also help in lowering the inflammation.